Sarcopaenia: Where do we stand after two decades of research?

  • Willie Frederick Mollentze University of the Free State
Keywords: sarcopaenia, age-related muscle mass loss


Age-related loss of muscle mass has received increased attention over the past two decades from both clinician and basic science researchers.1 Evans and Campbell labeled the age-related loss of muscle mass as sarcopaenia (Greek sarx=flesh and paenia=loss).2 The estimated relative annual rate of loss of muscle mass is 1% in men and 0.84% in women.1 The average age of onset of decline in muscle mass is approximately 40 years and progress in a linear fashion to reach approximately 50% by the 8th decade.3,4

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Willie Frederick Mollentze, University of the Free State
Professor and Chief Specialist Department of Internal Medicine University of the Free State Bloemfontein
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